How long in advance should I order?

It can take from 2 hours up to 3 days.  All items are usually ready within 2 hours. For the custom design or special pre-orders we ask you to contact us before placing an order by phone:  720.919.1210

How Many people do your mini cake sets serve? 

You will be able to find this information in product description of each cake set. Usually it serves 6 people.

What is the shelf life of your mini cakes? 

Please, keep products refrigerated at all time. The optimal time for consuming is 3 days

What if I didn't eat all mini cakes within 3 days and would like to save it? 

The best way to save it up to a month would be deep freezing. Put the box in zip lock bag to prevent products from smells during freezing. Defrost cakes leaving them for about 4 hours in the refrigerator.

Do you ship to all 50 states? 

At this moment we do Curbside Pick up or Local Delivery within 15 miles of Englewood CO

How do I cancel my order? 

The best way to cancel your order would be notifying us by phone +1347-403-4405 . You can also send an email to kate@minimepastry.com

I would like to preorder custom design mini cakes for upcoming party. How can I do it?

Please, send us and email to kate@minimepastry.com or call  720.919.1210.

What is a turnaround time for custom orders?

Turn around time can be as low as one day, but usually it requires around a week or so. Depending on amount and specification. Please, contact us for custom orders by emailing to kate@minimepastry.com or call  720.919.1210

Are your products vegan or gluten free?

We don't have vegan products at this time. But we have plenty gluten friendly options. You can find them in Gluten Free Collection.

I cant find your store at shopping plaza. Where are you?

Unfortunately we don't have physical store yet. We are online bakery which provide curbside pick up or delivery options. You can check out products on website, place your order and we will contact you to coordinate pick up time or delivery options. If you have specific time frame please contact us by phone  720.919.1210 or email kate@minimepastry.com before placing your order.